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How to set up a die cut for print in Indesign

So you’ve designed a box or a sticker or something similar that will need die cutting. We’re here to help. So basically you need to provide your printer with a PDF that is both usable art but also clearly indicates where the box or sticker needs to be cut after printing. For this explanation I

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Inspiration and Perspiration

Inspiration and Perspiration by Jim Stovall   As the author of almost 40 books, seven of which have been turned into movies, I am often asked where I find the inspiration for the stories.  While I would never discount the importance of ideas that occur to me or any other creative person, I would have

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Top 5 favorite business books

We all know that reading is one of the great ways in which we can expand our minds.  If there is a person out there who has nothing left to learn, I would really like to meet him/her. We can however also learn by doing, failing and redoing.  The process of learning from experience will,

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Hearing the Written Word-01

Hearing the Written Word

Hearing the Written Word by Jim Stovall   For thousands of years, humans have shared their thoughts, ideas, advice, and deepest secrets with one another by writing them down.  Our earliest evidence of this is the many examples of picture writing left on cave walls around the world.  Then, humans discovered they could write on

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Pulp Non-fiction

Pulp Non-fiction Just by reading this, you are silently and secretly admitting to yourself something that you probably would not share out loud. But don’t be ashamed. You’re safe here. There are more of us and we welcome you with open… well… pages. Yes, we are the paper nerds We write on it, we draw

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Photoshop vs Illustration-01

Illustrator vs Photoshop

Illustrator vs Photoshop When lawyers get together around the water cooler, they discuss the stupidity of criminals and joke about judges. Doctors talk about the newest innovations in bedpan technology and joke about the male nurses. Graphic designers, well, we contemplate serious issues. We argue over which software is the best tool for the making

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Space vs Designers-01

‘Cause I’m leavin’…on a jet plane!

When the spaceship leaves Earth to go colonize another planet, should it take a bunch of graphic designers with it, or just leave them all here to rot Most of us are aware of efforts being made by scientists to discover other habitable planets.  Some are even starting to plan missions to colonize Mars.  Why

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8 Really interesting records in the printing world!

Don’t we all just LOVE a good ’10 facts about…” “ Top 5 …” type of post I do So here is my take on it — enjoy The largest poster ever printed was a movie promo poster for the Bollywood movie “Boss”. Printed on seemed® mesh extra, the poster consisted of 36 panels and

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Production Guide

vc_row] vc_column] vc_column_text]So, nothing is set in stone. But there are some ways of making your printing experience a bit easier. We know they don't always teach you much about print-production at uni/college – probably because it is better finding out what and what not directly from your printers. We try and make things a bit easier, so we've created this easy

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My top 5 favorite artists

Culture has produced such a vast amount of great artists throughout history it’s difficult to actually just pick 5. As we all know, art is a very unbiased topic. There are no real right or wrong answers to the question “who are your favorite artists”. I’m not going to try to pretend that I’m an

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