Matte or gloss paper?

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When you place your order for printing, the difference between matte and gloss paper is essentially how shiny the paper is. This difference is most visible when you turn the sheets of paper in the light.

Matte and gloss paper differs in a few ways; most noteworthy differences is touch and look. Both papers have a coating on, one less of and less glossy than the other. Matte paper is often referred to as Satin/smooth. Not to be confused with Uncoated paper which basically has not coating on. This is like you normal copier paper at the office.

The two paper types look and feel different to the touch, but they’re actually manufactured in a very similar manner. Believe it or not, matte paper uses the same chemical coating as gloss paper.

Gloss paper simply has more of the coating applied than matte paper. You can think of matte paper as a “semi-gloss” or a “light gloss”—it has enough of a coating to add thickness and smoothness to the paper, but not enough to reflect paper under the light.

We were wondering about people’s preferences when it comes to Gloss or Matte – personally I’m a matte fan… So we took it to social media to find out. From the 25 odd votes we received a staggering 100% chose matte paper… Great minds..

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