The humble business card

Your business cards matter!

Business cards is an important introduction of you and your business to your potential new client. It is part of your marketing arsenal and careful consideration should be taken when deciding on your business card. It is important to invest in quality business card design and printing. Here are some guidelines to consider when deciding on your design and printing of your card:

1. Design for Your Audience
Every brand is different. Know your target audience in order to create a card that will communicate to them effectively.

2. Information Overload
It is not necessary to include every single bit of information of your business on business card. Chances are that you will be losing the potential client’s attention. Only insert the most important information like Name, title, business name, phone, email, website and logo. Bullet point of services or short description will be sufficient.

3. Keep it simple
Too fancy and too small font can make your card difficult to read. If you want to add spice to your card rather add interesting finishing or let your logo be the design element that draws the attention.

4. Get Them Professionally printed
It is easy to print your card on your home printer, but cheap can cost you! DIY business cards might not make the first impression you want. Homemade cards handed to a corporate will send the wrong message.

Rather FISH for a professional and reliable printing company to have them printed.